Game of Thrones stars Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas marry in a surprise ceremony


The stars of Game of Thrones, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, knotted a surprise ceremony a few hours after taking part in the Billboard Awards, according to US media reports.

And News confirmed that the social media footage of Turner and Jonas that seem to trade votes in a Las Vegas chapel are authentic.

Musician Diplo shared videos on his Instagram story of the couple entering a chapel, with Turner wearing a white veil as he walks down the corridor.

The Diplo video seems to show an Elvis Presley imitator performing the ceremony while country music duo Dan + Shay performed their song "Speechless" while the bride walked down the corridor.

In a video it seems that the Jonas brothers join the serenade.

Here is the romantic serenade of the duo to get you an idea of ​​the atmosphere of the room:

The small crowd applauds as Turner goes down the corridor towards his new husband.

Turner and Jonas announced their engagement in October 2017 after a year of dating.

Their sudden weddings were far from their in-laws.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas held a rich Indian wedding in December, a multi-day affair in which 225 guests were joined.

Nick and Chopra, 36, were dressed in Ralph Lauren. The bride wore a hand-embroidered dress embroidered by the American designer, as well as a 75 foot long veil, while her mother, Madhu, accompanied her down the hall.

Embroidered on the veil were eight significant words selected by Chopra herself, including "Family, Hope and Compassion," the designer revealed.

Nick's tuxedo came with a hidden secret: a piece of the bride's hand-embroidered with Urdu words "My Jaan" (meaning "my life").

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