Game of Thrones: You can not stand it anymore? This is the end of the Be-hit


Note: This text reveals content from the current eighth season of “Game of Thrones” and from all previous seasons. If you have not seen all the consequences and would rather be surprised, you should really stop reading here.

It was a long journey: for eight seasons we accompany the fates of the heroes and villains of Westeros. Now the story has come to an end. Who is still alive? Who sits on the throne? We summarize the end of “Game of Thrones” for you.

Who sits on the throne?

In the end, a strong man actually sits on the throne: Bran – even though hardly anyone expected that. Although he just emphasized that he lived mainly in the past, he was elected by a council as the new king. Practically, it is composed almost entirely of main characters. However, the Iron Throne does not need a Rohlstuhlrampe: but it is destroyed by Drogon before.

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What happens to Daenerys and Jon?

The love between aunt and nephew does not end well. After Daenerys suddenly became Hitler's Westeros, Jon kills her with a dagger. Drogon then takes the throne in the grain and flies away with her body. Jon goes back to the night watch.

Is Jaime really dead?

Unfortunately yes. In the ruins of Königsmund Tyrion Lennister finds the bodies of his siblings Jaime and Cersei.

What about the other main characters?

They live happily ever after. Unfortunately, that's not as far from the end of the series as it sounds. Tyrion becomes king again. Sansa becomes queen of the north, Arya wants to travel the lands west of Westeros. Most of the other main characters are somehow ensconced in Brans's advice, the wisest man in Westeros even thinks it's a good idea to hire the cutthroat Bronn as the treasurer. Gray worm and the remains of the Dothraki and the Immaculate are returning to Essos. Jon goes with mind and Tormund to the north. At the end of the wolf even gets his cuddly demanded by the fans cuddly.


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