Game Pass causes “content oversaturation” according to Trine devs – Trine 5: A Clockwork Conspiracy

In a new interview, the developers from Frozenbyte Studios talk about Trine’s success, what they hope to offer in Trine 5, and their thoughts on Xbox Game Pass.

accepting Segment NextIn an interview, the developer said that while Xbox Game Pass is still an interesting concept, it also helps “Oversaturation of content

“. . On the other hand, we believe this also leads to an oversaturation of the gaming landscape with content, and with such an abundance of options, it can be difficult to commit to and enjoy a game.

Trine 5 launches on Game Pass this summer, so it’s interesting that the developer isn’t just praising the service.

Do you think the Frozen developer’s statement about Game Pass is correct?

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2023-05-15 14:48:00

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