Gameplay Outriders: Square Enix unveils the Technomage class

Gameplay Outriders: Square Enix unveils the Technomage class

Square Enix nopus had made an appointment this evening to discover the third Transmission dedicated to Outriders, its cooperative shooter. This transmission notably enabled People Can Fly to unveil a new class, the Technomage.

The latter comes to life in a new eight-minute co-op gameplay video, during which he shows off his abilities alongside a Pyromagus and a Tellurist. Bartek Kmita, Creative Director at People Can Fly, says this is a fairly flexible class that is very useful in any team.Outriders, able to play it control, support or DPS thanks to its artillery.

Obviously, it will be up to the players to find out how to use it best. However, the developers have clarified that to access cooperation, it will first be necessary to complete the prologue in solo. Also, be aware that if you join a group more advanced than you in the story, the game will warn you of the risk of spoil. Finally, we learn that the next transmission will focus on endgame content and dwell on the capabilities of the Technomage.

By MalloDelic, Journalist


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