Gamers do not exist, and the term “gamer” is useless and outdated, says Electronic Arts

Vice President Ellie McCarthy believes that games are not an industry or industry, but rather “interactivity” through which Black Lives Matter can be supported and sexual orientation expressed.

Electronic Arts VP Ellie McCarthy believes gamers don’t exist. This is an outdated and useless term that has no place in modern realities. Moreover, McCarthy argues that games cannot be considered an industry and an industry – it is rather an “interactivity” through which people can express their political position, support all kinds of movements like Black Lives Matter, and also talk about their gender.

“I am often asked about how brands can talk to gamers. In fact, there is no such thing as “gamers” – says McCarthy. “Did you know that only 14% of players consider themselves to be gamers, while among women this figure is 6%?”

“Targeting an audience of gamers is like targeting people who love music and breathe air.” continues his reasoning McCarthy.

Ellie McCarthy has been with EA since 2020. At the publishing house, she works on the brand development strategy and helps “spread positive through the company’s products».

To understand what kind of mind McCarthy is: Madame considers language an instrument of patriarchy, and she even owns a report “What if the language is patriarchal?».

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