García-Page anticipates that he will appeal Sánchez’s transfers to Puigdemont: "We are not going to allow it"

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The president of Castilla la Mancha He announced this Friday that he will appeal the transfers that the PSOE has agreed to make at the request of Carles Puigdemont in exchange for the support of the seven Junts deputies for the investiture of Pedro Sánchez. “The worst thing that can happen to us is that the desire to govern turns into granting the decision-making capacity to those who have already made a decision, which is to end the Constitution and the unity of Spain. We are not going to allow it” , Emiliano García-Page has warned.

In a particularly critical tone, the socialist baron has stated that he opposed and continues to oppose the amnesty for those involved in the illegal independence referendum in Catalonia, because “it means erasing a crime without accountability”, but that the pact that has been signed in Brussels is “somewhat worse”, because it is “an attempt to rewrite what happened”: “I completely disagree with the story that was put forward yesterday in the political agreements, it is false. Puigdemont is guilty, he is not a victim you are welcome”.

“What I saw yesterday was a lot of need, on the one hand, to govern and, on the other hand, to get out of jail, a lot of need and no virtue,” García-Page criticized in implicit allusion to Sánchez and the former president of the Generalitat. “Keep one thing in mind: if an appeal must be exercised, I will do so; if a battle must be launched, we will do so, but we are not going to go through a re-reading of the Spanish Constitution,” he added.

Furthermore, the Castilian-La Mancha leader has assured that he will not tolerate “under any circumstances” that “someone uses the plurality of Spain, the milkmaid’s tale, for fiscal and financial privileges”, in reference to the concessions in economic matters that include the agreement signed with Junts, such as the transfer of 100% of the taxes paid in Catalonia. In this sense, he has said “very calmly” that “it will be impossible, with an agreement or without an agreement, whether a government wants it or not,” for “a project that privileges a part of Spain” to go ahead.

“People feel prey to polarization. And this has never gone well for Spain when it has happened,” García-Page added. “Here, a part of the country is being mobilized so that the Spanish right does not come to government without realizing that what is being achieved is giving control to the Catalan independence right,” he added.

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