García Pulido’s natural flashes at the restart of the Autumn fair

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The second section of the Autumn Fair began with a well-presented Fuente Ymbro bullfight – some of them with the appearance of a bull -, noble although without an engine to allow the afternoon to shine.

The best naturals of the afternoon were signed by García Pulido with the second. He slowed the low attack with his left hand. Long, demanding and backward stroke that the steer could not endure more than one series. The bullfighter from Castillo de Bayuela (Toledo) returned to Madrid after having cut off an ear in the two previous appearances that he has had in this plaza during this season. The humiliation at idle disappeared after those slow naturals. Pulido tried to please the bottomless bull, looking for the surroundings. He opted for the fifth toasting the public in a task that began on his knees. Already upon recovering the vertical he saw the opponent’s real game: without humiliation or rhythm. He endured a pause after the embroque in one of the muletazos receiving a strong somersault. He did not round out his dedicated performance with the sword.

Jorge Molina returned to Las Ventas after standing out at summer nights for his good cut and his desire to be a bullfighter. He showed the good condition of him with a lot of scarce options. The first one in the afternoon was slow but when it started it did so with intensity. Molina took advantage of that characteristic to give two good series with his right hand. He didn’t have much more of a bull that always maintained that slow attitude at the first muleta blow, digging. With the noble fourth he was also unable to develop a task beyond good form due to the opponent’s lack of zeal.

Cristiano Torres appeared in this square, without having turned 18, with a desire to succeed greater than his technical background. Rumor spread through the wires of a toast that soon went viral on social networks: “Let them write down my name because I come to Madrid to get rich.” He showed that hunger at every moment of the afternoon. He got stubborn with a first steer from Fuente Ymbro that didn’t walk, and after insisting he took a hard tumble. He was censured for his stubbornness. He displayed greater intelligence in closing the celebration because he did everything in his favor, giving him space to attack and hitting long crutches. He got down on his knees in a crazy finale with ballet flats that turned out perfectly. A good thrust put an end to his wild presentation.

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