Gardnew Minshew warned of the deal CamSoda, Farrah Abraham


Jacksonville quarterback Jaguars Gardner Minshew quickly built a cult following since he made his NFL debut.

The star of mustaches and jorts has made a name for himself on the field, but these are his off-screen exploits that drive fans crazy for "Minshew Mania".

Tales of his pre-game training in a simple jockstrap sent social media into a tailstock and they saw Cam Soda, an adult entertainment site, offer the young man a million dollars to come up with online training videos.

The assumption was that he had to conduct the training "in a jockstrap and / or nude" and be the brand's ambassador for a line of Halloween penis puppets.

But the adult actress Farrah Abraham warned him against this.

Online fans said that Minshew's impressive mustache would give him the perfect look for the adult entertainment world, but Abraham warned him.

"Aren't you closing a 20 million dollar football deal?" Said the 28-year-old porn star.

"If I were his manager, I'd close $ 20 million, if not $ 60 million next year, come on!

"Let the offer take place. It's flattering, but a real career is even more longevity ".

Responding to suggestions from the 23-year-old Washington State graduate, he has the perfect look for porn, Farrah added: "I think he looks like a great football player and a fantastic athlete."

This is not the first time that adult entertainment and the NFL have mixed up recently after the BangBros star, Valentina Jewels, has been called a "fucking shit" in a Miami Dolphins game.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced with permission.



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