Gas prices recalculated: who will pay 4 thousand more for heating

In Ukraine, a number of suppliers recalculated monthly gas tariffs in October. The clients of “TAS ENERGIYA KRAYANI” will pay the most – instead of 20.96 for each cubic meter, they will pay 31.06 UAH. As a result heating a house on average can rise in price in winter by 4.1 thousand UAH per month.

This follows from the data monitoring OBOZREVATEL… It is worth noting that only those Ukrainians who have made the decision to switch from annual tariffs pay at monthly prices. Back in May, all consumers were automatically transferred to annual tariffs.

What prices are offered in October:

  • KYIVGASENERGY – UAH 30.5 (it was UAH 19.8 in September);

  • “ODESAGAS-SUPPLY” – UAH 13 per cubic meter (no changes).

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  • “TAS ENERGY OF THE COUNTRY” – 31.06 per cubic meter (in September it was UAH 20.96);

  • “ASKANIA ENERGY” – UAH 19.95 (it was UAH 12.5);

  • “CHERKASIGAZ ZBUT” – UAH 16.76 (price has not changed);

  • “VOLYNELEKTROZBUT” – UAH 12.98 (without changes).

Note that such a significant increase in monthly tariffs is associated with the situation in Europe. There, because of the actions of Gazprom, which sharply limited supplies, refused to buy additional capacities of the Ukrainian gas transmission system, provoked a shortage of blue fuel.

The Russian company took such steps in order to force the Europeans not to interfere with the launch of Nord Stream 2. Also, according to Naftogaz estimates, they plan to radically change the situation on the market and switch to long-term contracts with EU countries. This can strengthen their position.

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As previously wrote OBOZREVATEL:

  • Naftogaz revealed the Kremlin’s plan: RF has inflated gas pricesThe US should already impose sanctions. This was done in order to achieve the launch of Nord Stream 2 and the transition to long-term contracts;

  • Poland is targeting complete refusal of gas from Russia. Instead of Gazprom, they want to look for another supplier.

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