Gasly completely speechless after a beautiful first Formula 1 victory

“WHAT DID WE DONE? WE WON. OH MY GOD BOYS WE HAVE FITNED AGAIN!” The discharge at Pierre Gasly was evident during the run-off lap of the Italian Grand Prix, when he addressed his team on the radio. After a crazy race, he managed to beat Monza Carlos Sainz. Logically, the Frenchman was ecstatic when he spoke up immediately after the race, although he struggled to find the right words.

“To be honest I don’t believe it, I don’t realize it yet. It was such a crazy race, we took advantage of the red flag. The car was fast, but we also had a fast car chasing us.”

The Frenchman went through a difficult period after being transferred back from Red Bull to AlphaTauri last summer. Then he came back very strong. “I have been through so much in eighteen months. At my first podium last year (in Brazil, ed.) I already thought ‘wow’, but now my first victory in Monza. I have a hard time realizing it . “

“I have no words for it”, he continues. “This team has meant so much to me. They gave me the chance in Formula 1, gave me my first podium and now my first win. It’s crazy, I can’t thank them often enough. Everyone at AlphaTauri and also Honda, it’s crazy. is of course a track where power is important, it is a great day. “

ÔÇťOlivier Panis last won a Formula 1 race as a Frenchman in 1996, I always wanted to change that when I got into the premier class of motorsport. I never expected that with AlphaTauri to succeed. Improved so well and focused on ourselves, we improved step by step. It’s insane, I’m so happy “, said the Frenchman, who was clearly in seventh heaven.


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