Gasoline prices in 2018 have doubled inflation


Consumer prices for petrol in Russia increased by 9.4% in 2018, which is more than double the inflation rate. Therefore, the consumer price index from the start of the year stood at 104.3%. These data are published in the Rosstat report. Note that in December the price of fuel fell 0.1%.

Already at the beginning of 2019 fuel sellers began to increase the price of petrol and diesel at their service stations. The "Kommersant" sources on the market have found that fuel is becoming more expensive, especially in the service stations of large oil companies, which regain the increase in VAT from 1 January to 20%.

According to Rosstat, the cost of chicken eggs (25.9%) and sugar (28.3%) increased especially during the year. The price increase for them has been registered in almost all regions. The rates for accommodation and communal services in 2018 have increased less than inflation. Therefore, housing services grew by 3.2% and utilities – by 4.1%. Cold water rose by 5%, water disposal by 5.7%, hot water by 4.4%, heating by 3.8%, supply of 3% gas, 3.9% electricity.

Details on the increase in the price of fuel in Russia – in the publication of "Kommersant" "Gasoline is growing thanks to incentives".



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