Gaspart denies the judge that he has deceived the owner of the Saudi prince of Juan Carlos I – Notizie


The business man of the hotel, executive president of Turisme de Barcelona and former president and former president of Barça, Joan Gaspart, said Monday at the education court number 16 to respond to the accusation of a Saudi prince, owner of the Hotel Juan Carlos I and the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, who accused him of tricking him to deceive over 15 million euros.

Gaspart and his two sons, Juan and José, who also appeared before the judge, denied the allegations, according to sources of justice. He also declared a legal entity responsible for Husa, the Gaspart company, as a possible civil liable.

The investigation was initiated by a report by Saudi prince Turki Bin Nasser, who owns the Fairmont Hotel Rey Juan Carlos and the Palau de Congressos, which ran the company Gaspart Husa. According to the report, Husa would have hidden a debt of 15 million euros with Social Security when the hotel was operating.

In front of the judge, according to the same legal sources, Gaspart ensured that Bin Nasser knew the debt of the hotel with Social Security. Gaspart would have said that the company that presides over Bin Nasser, the SA of Barcelona Project – the luxury hotel and the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya – knew the debts of Husa and Banquetes Reunidos (Gaspart company) with Social Security.

Loan on the Palazzo dei Congressi

But in addition, the Barcelona Project also accuses the Gaspart of asking for a loan of 1.6 million euros, guaranteeing the Palau de Congressos without telling the property. According to the request of the Saudi prince, Gaspart has applied for this loan, taking advantage of his situation as an operator of the complex and in a "desperate action to obtain money". It should be noted that the Gaspart companies have entered into a competition for creditors.

The Barcelona Project says it has had to take over the mortgage, granted by Caixa Geral, to avoid execution. Legal sources have reported that Gaspart states that the Prince of the company knew that the mortgage had been requested.

The Barcelona Project company filed a lawsuit against Gaspart and his sons in March 2018 for "fraudulently hiding the non-payment of social security for an amount exceeding 15 million euros". This would have allowed Husa, according to the complaint, to complete the hotel's operating contract at a price "that would not have been the same if there had been no deception", according to the complaint.

But the court at number 16 in Barcelona filed the case in April. The complainants filed a lawsuit and in October the seventh section of the Barcelona hearing loved it and reopened the case and released statements to the defendants.

In the complaint, the prince's lawyer assured that the Gaspart demanded its advantage "in breach of its obligations towards third parties and brought the complex to the limit of bankruptcy". For this reason, the lawyer Javier Yagüe, of the Amparo legal department, asks the judge to impose a deposit of 16.6 million euro to Gaspart or the seizure of its activities to cover this amount.


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