Gasperini Hopes Conte and Inter Management Can Make Up


Coach Atalanta, Gian Piero Gasperiniresponding to conflict gossip Antonio Conte with management Inter Milan. If that happens, he wants both parties to make up.

Inter recorded a pretty good result in their first season with Conte. They managed to rank second in Serie 2019/2020 with 82 points only one point at odds of the champion, Juventus.

However, the unpleasant issue actually accompanied Inter after they closed this season. Conte is reportedly at odds with Inter’s management.

This news emerged after Conte criticized Inter’s management, who was judged not to support him and the players. In fact, the Inter are fairly loyal in recruiting this season by bringing Romelu Lukaku, Nicolo Barella, Alexis Sanchez, Ashley Young to Christian Eriksen.

Inter and Conte are widely said to be immediately ending cooperation due to this conflict. The unfavorable rumors sticking out of the Inter camp were lamented by Atalanta coach Gian Piero Gasperini. Although, he honestly did not know the actual conditions that occurred at Inter.

However, if the gossip is true, he hopes Conte and Inter can immediately improve their relationship. Gasperini considers Inter under Conte to be the only team in Italy that has the capacity to stop the dominance of Juventus.

“I do not know what really happened. I followed a little of this news, but it is difficult to judge because I was not involved in it,” Gasperini was quoted as saying. Football Italia.

“I think he did a good job, at the end of the season with all of us who are starting to run out of steam.”

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“I hope their relationship can be improved. I feel Inter are the only team that can put pressure on Juventus in the title race.”

“The combination of Conte and Inter is one of the most praised,” said the man who also had time to handle Inter in 2011 ago.

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