Gate to hell. The Soviets kept the crater a secret, no one knows exactly how it was created

When it comes to its origins, the most frequently mentioned mistake is Soviet engineers. But in reality, the reason why the most famous tourist attraction in Turkmenistan was created is a mystery. That attraction is a giant crater, in which fires have been burning for decades. That’s why he became known as the Gate to Hell. Now this unique phenomenon is about to disappear. “Gurbangula’s country president Berdimuhamedow has ordered experts to find a way to put out the crater fire, which has been going on for half a century,” the newspaper said. The Guardian.

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The President is protecting his demand for the destruction of a unique place that attracts the attention of tourists from all over the world for economic and environmental reasons. He did not raise it for the first time, he addressed the experts with the same regulation in 2010. “The crater negatively affects the environment in the area, as well as the health of the people who live nearby. We are losing important natural resources from which we could benefit significantly and use them to improve the lives of our people, “Berdimuhamedow said, despite the fact that, according to the BBC, up to 6,000 tourists go to the crater every year.

The truth is that the giant crater in the Karakum Desert, or the fires in it, probably feed on natural gas. The place is seventy meters wide and twenty meters deep, fires occur throughout its area, so gas escapes people’s fingers quite a bit. But at the same time, it is a really unique thing. Just as his nickname Gate to Hell is mysterious and a little scary, his story is also shrouded in mystery.

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Soviet error

Even though one theory is most often promoted, no one really knows how mysterious the place really came about. “Apparently, however, in the early 1970s, during the Soviet attempt to extract gas in the area. When the earth collapsed and a crater was formed, Soviet scientists reportedly set a massive hole to prevent the spread of natural gas to the surrounding area, “CNN said.

The story of the overstepping of Soviet engineers is the best known, but it also appears in various versions. “Soviet scientists are said to have been looking for oil in the desert in 1971 when they hit a pocket of natural gas. The earth collapsed, creating a total of three large abysses. To prevent methane from escaping into the atmosphere, one of the geologists set it on fire and thought it would burn in a few weeks, “the BBC describes another version of the story.

Top secret

But in 2013, any of the versions that the crater was created by the careless actions of Soviet scientists got cracked. “At that time, Canadian explorer George Kourounis set out on his expedition into the depths of the crater’s history to find out how this inferno came about,” the BBC said.

And what Kourounis has found out makes the place even more mysterious. “According to local Turkmen geologists, the crater was created in the 1960s, and on the contrary, it did not start burning and lighting until the 1980s,” the BBC said.

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However, whether the world will ever know where the truth is is very uncertain. “Since Soviet domination prevailed in Turkmenistan at the time and oil and gas were highly valued commodities and everything connected with them was again subject to an information enbarg, any record of crater formation and the onset of fires in it still seems to be top secret information to which can’t be reached, “the BBC said.

The crater is now fenced for the safety of tourists, but otherwise it is accessible and according to the tourist servers it is best to visit it at a time when the sun is setting in the desert and the crater is gradually becoming the main thing that illuminates the sky above the sand dunes.


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