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Blue's usual suggestion and expected in the starting lineup on Friday night against South Korea, Valerie Gauvin has finally started her World Cup on the bench. The official reason? A tactical choice by Corinne Deacon. L & # 39; officiating? Delay this week in training. Start fun adventure.


The media representations of actors and actresses of the football circuit are theatrical representations, in which each role is learned by heart and is maintained in the letter, are now understood by most journalists. For example, Valérie Gauvin came out on Friday evening, in a corridor of the Parc des Princes, and she recited her lesson for the first time: "Even though I was on the bench, I was really behind the team and I took advantage of the atmosphere. Frankly, it was magical.Still, you can't forget this photo: it was just after 7.00 pm and you had to see the Montpellier striker, author of five goals in the last five issues with Blue, to show a closed face at the time of land recognition. Difficult not to see these dry tears, which the young woman was trying to disappear by talking to her friend pool and table tennis, Pauline Peyraud-Magnin. Less than an hour earlier, five minutes. before leaving the hotel, Corinne Deacon had announced to Gauvin her non-possession for this opening match against South Korea and soon the news was leaked, followed by a completely informative message: if the La usual pointe des Bleues remained at the start in the quiver, mainly due to two delays in this week's training session. What the woman came to assume after the brilliant introduction of the French team: "I won't hide it. It's my fault, I'll learn the lessons and the competition is still long. It's normalAdmitted the phallus, already forgiven?

A stifled busty

We have to believe it, especially since the selection of Bleue quickly arrived to drown the fish a few minutes later in a press conference: "Ah, if you think it's because of your delays … Not for me. This decision was a tactical choice first and foremost. We wanted to put the speed on the board. Unfortunately, we didn't expect such a low Korean block and we didn't have the desired depth, which didn't stop us from scoring four goals. Valerie made a good entrance, it was just tactics."At the moment, we pinch ourselves, but Deacon's close gaze makes it clear that it is useless to insist on the subject. The boss made his choice (Diani in tip), his daughters won, the French team made work doing this first game «exceptional without making life difficult"And the case does not deserve all this mess, especially since Gauvin still had twenty minutes to chew on Friday night after the attacker turned in his mother's arms in the stands. He should find his chair support Wednesday against Norway Punishment or not, the case is sealed even though Deacon made it clear to him, like Emelyne Laurent, who shares Valerie Gauvin's room and who was also sent back in her delays, that no one else the gap would have been tolerated – even a war is won in this way.

By Maxime Brigand, at the Parc des Princes

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