Gay Hollywood actors fear for their careers if they admit their sexuality

Actress Kate Winslet criticized what she considers an environment of “discrimination and homophobia” in the film industry

Courtesy | Winslet referred to this situation as a result of her role in the film Ammonite

Many gay actors working in Hollywood hide their sexual inclinations in fear that it could ruin their careers, admitted actress Kate Winslet.

The British star told the Sunday cultural magazine The Sunday Times that he knows at least four Hollywood actors who don’t want to say anything about their sexual orientation given the possibility that they won’t be hired to play straight characters.

Winslet criticized what he considers an environment of “discrimination and homophobia” in the film industry and added that the Lgbti + collective needs a movement similar to that of “MeToo”, Which came to light a few years ago in the United States when the extent of sexual harassment against actresses was revealed.

“I can’t say how many young actors I know, some well known and some just starting out, who are terrified that their sexuality will be revealed,” added the 45-year-old actress.

Despite the pressures for more diversity in the film awards, in which white actors and directors predominate, little is debated about the representation of homosexual and bisexual personalities, says the Sunday.

Winslet referred to this situation in the wake of her role as British paleontologist Mary Anning in the film. Ammonite, who speculates on her relationship with geologist Charlotte Murchison, played by Saoirse Ronan.

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