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Gazprom sold almost 3% of its shares to a buyer

Many investors showed interest in buying a package of over 693 million Gazprom shares, but in the end it was sold to a single buyer. Who is – is still unknown

Photo: Alexander Miridonov / "Kommersant"

The 2.93% package of the company's shares sold on Friday by Gazprom subsidiaries was purchased entirely by an investor, told reporters Famil Sadigov, vice president of the board of Gazprom.

"A great offer was fulfilled. The application was presented on the entire size of the package sold according to an" all or nothing "principle and represented 70% of the total final demand," he explained.

Which has become exactly the new owner of over 693 million shares of Gazprom offered for sale by Gazprom Gerosgaz Holdings BV and Rosingaz Limited, Sadigov has not said.

"We were not allowed [to participate in the purchase of Gazprom shares], the market suspects that everyone has purchased Rotenberg," said the RBC investor, who requested participation in the transaction.

Arkady Rotenberg, through a representative, denied that RBC was the buyer of 2.93% of Gazprom offered for sale by its facilities. According to Rotenberg, neither he nor his relatives nor the structures associated with them participated in the transaction.



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