Gazprom’s profit decreased by 41% last year

The Russian state natural gas giant “Gazprom” made a profit of 1.2 trillion rubles (13.9 billion euros) last year, which is 41% less than a year ago, according to the company’s public statement.

In the “Gazprom” report published by Russian news agencies, the company states that the drop in profits is explained by the increase in tax payments.

Meanwhile, experts report that the sanctions imposed on Russia by the Western countries for its full-scale war in Ukraine have had a severe impact on Gazprom, as the company no longer has access to most European markets.

However, the company has reoriented natural gas exports to Asia. “Gazprom” announced in March that one-day supplies of natural gas to China through the “Sila Siberia” pipeline reached a record high level.

In addition, Russian natural gas supplies to China via the Sila Siberia pipeline reached 15.5 billion cubic meters last year, an all-time high.

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2023-05-24 10:38:44

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