GE Belfort employees largely approve the employment protection plan


The proposal provides for an annual savings plan of 12 million euros in exchange for the protection of 307 out of 792 jobs in danger.

The world with AFP Published today at 12:30, updated at 13:24

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Nearly one thousand employees of General Electric (GE) Belfort approved by a large majority, on Monday 21 October, a new management proposal to save 307 of the 792 social cuts that hit the site have learned from journalists Agence France-Presse ( AFP) and France Télévisions present on the spot.

The proposal for a plan to safeguard employment (PSE), approved by a hand show, provides for an annual savings plan of 12 million euros in exchange for reducing the number of jobs eliminated, according to the unions , who organized this vote.

General Electric employs about 4,300 people in Belfort, of which 1,800 in this entity. The American group announced last May a social plan to remove almost 1,050 jobs in France, including 792 in Belfort.

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Trade union division

On Saturday, some 2,600 protesters, according to the prefecture, protested in Belfort in support of site employees. In the ranks of protesters, local elected officials but also Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who abstained from any statement. General Electric is "A flower in our sector necessary to achieve the energy transition that #Macron and his friends have abandoned"however, he tweeted the leader of the unruly France.

This event was also marked by the union division: the CGT decided not to participate in the parade supported by CFE-CGC and SUD and to join a picket in front of the factory.

The CGT had rejected this new version of PSE approved by employees on Monday. CFE-CGC and SUD had approved them "Because it is the worst compromise".


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