Gears Tactics celebrates its arrival on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S with a trailer

The Gears of War series’ turn-based installment, Gears Tactics, will launch alongside new Xbox family systems.

It was around the end of April this year when Gears Tactics went on sale, giving a new direction to the saga Gears of War. Although the last installment was released only under the name of Gears 5, many will think of him name with which they met the saga on Xbox 360.

Now, this same saga has entered a totally different genre with this Gears Tactics, a tactical strategy game with many memories to XCOM and with the gears themselves and the history with which the saga was originally known in its beginnings, facing the battle against the Locust. We leave you the trailer below:

The game was planned from the beginning to be a game only available on PC, but thanks to this new trailer -ya confirmations from Xbox itself– we could know that Gears Tactics coming to Microsoft consoles. This will make the game debut on current consoles, Xbox One, Xbox One S y Xbox One X, in addition to the new ones to come, Xbox Series X y Xbox Series S.

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The trailer in question is called “Ad“, with what amounts to a presentation trailer of the game in the Xbox consoles. At the same time that you can see cinematics and game improvements, there are also gameplay parts and the Gears Tactics optimization improvements on Xbox Series X; they have even improved game controls on consoles.

Those people who have reserved or preloaded the game through Game Pass will have an extra character with which to play: Cole, with the Thrashball theme included. To know the rest of the games, you can always visit All Xbox Series X / S Launch Games Confirmed So Far.

Analysis of Gears Tactics for PC, a very well-managed gender change

Even if Gears Tactics is now available on PC, the game will reach Xbox One, Xbox Series X y Xbox Series S on the launch day of the new consoles, this is the next November 10.


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