Geert Wilders (PVV) demolishes quarantine droppings withdrawing Hugo de Jonge (CDA)

Anyone who has been close to a person infected with the corona virus is obliged to be quarantined, Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge (CDA) ordered Tuesday evening. And who does not stick to that, is at risk of prosecution (and that can add up up to four years in prison or 87,000 euros to be exact). A day later De Jonge withdraws this droppings during the corona debate, he wants to come back to it later. De Jonge says he wants to investigate in the near future to what extent mandatory quarantine is relieving for the GGDs and how the Public Prosecution Service should deal with it. Then you must have just Geert Wilders who already questioned the measure earlier in the day.

And what De Jonge says about that IKEA ball pit is also incorrect. Or as former PvdA spin doctor Simon den Haak smålend tweeted:

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