Gemma Collins slammed to be RUDE for Harry Redknapp on The Jonathan Ross Show


Gemma Collins has been indicted for snubbing Harry Redknapp at The Jonathan Ross Show.

Only Way's star Is Essex appeared during the Saturday night's ITV show chat, where she discussed her relationship with Arg and shockingly revealed plans to leave the country.

However, fans were distracted during her interview when they noticed she was sitting with her back to the winner of I Celebrity Harry Redknapp all the time, taking on social media to report the misstep.

"Gemma sat with her back to Harry Redknapp. jonathanross, "wrote a spectator.

Gemma Collins told Jonathan Ross that she wanted to break America

Fans discovered how Gemma was sitting

While another added: "IF HE Gemma Collins is sitting with her back to Harry Redknapp rude b *** h".

A third chipped: "Gemma Collins sat there with her back to Harry jonathanross # rude".

Clearly unaware of the casual occurrence, The GC looked into his element as he appeared on the BBC talk show, telling Jonathan that it was the highlight of his career.

He continued explaining that she was "a little bit" single and "malate of dudes" after his recent joke with James "Arg" Argent.

Fans mocked TOWIE's star for her "ridiculous" ambition

Gemma turned away from Harry

Later in the interview, he also confirmed plans to break America, revealing that it would be shot while trying to become a foreign star

"I've never been to Los Angeles. [I’m going to LA because] the cameras want to be on top of me when I touched in Los Angeles, to follow me as I try [making a career in America]," she said.

The GC insisted that there were many signs that urged her to go to the United States.

He told Jonathan that his plans were confirmed after an occasional sighting of Oprah Winfrey when he was in Paris, claiming that this was the point where he realized he had to follow in his footsteps.

* The Jonathan Ross Show airs at 9.20 on Saturday on ITV.



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