Gemoss has started selling online by opening an e-shop

Ieva Treija, the head of the company, talks about the opening of the e-shop: ” It has finally happened! Our journey to the e-shop has been long, at times unhurried, because there has always been something internally negotiable and polishable. The current situation, which is changing and changing shopping habits for others, has made us even more stressed and put the last points within two weeks to become available without leaving the office or home. There is still a feeling that it is not finished, but it is about everything new.

We value customers’ interest and faith in the carefully designed assortment, and we are aware that our customers deserve not only great products, but also a user-friendly shopping experience. In the current circumstances, we have had to hurry the process of opening an e-shop, but we continue to work on improvements to make shopping a pleasant shopping experience for customers.

The e-shop is designed to get to know the assortment of food producers and catering companies, as well as all those who have a passion and lifestyle for cooking and cooking from healthy products using professional equipment.

The new situation makes us look at everything differently, appreciate what we have, so we are open to cooperation with small Latvian producers to facilitate the path of their products to the customer. “

This is another service that makes people’s daily lives easier by allowing them to shop remotely. Gemoss e-store service works like any online store platform – choose goods, make payments and choose the method of receiving goods.

Gemoss is an ally that helps you achieve more, offering professional kitchen and bar equipment, goods and products for everyone – restaurant chefs, small family cafe owners, home producers, and enthusiasts who want to prepare excellent meals and drinks at home. The experience gained over the years allows you to choose and gather the best of the whole world in one place, making it accessible to everyone. That’s why Gemoss will continue to make sure that everything you need and current in the kitchen is always available.

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