Geňa’s unteachable troublemaker: PROHIBITION FROM A FRIEND

Not even after a few falls Richard Genzer the smile on his face hadn’t disappeared, and although many would have come to be in his skin, he himself could now wave a hand over some critical moments. Having a houseboat was Geno’s old dream, and when things could move, there was no reason to put anything off.

Richard Genzer promises change. Two chins and a navel must go!

“It was a house on the water and had 165 m2, it would Mares pacifier,” he talked about the project at the Show Jan Kraus. However, the plan failed without the entertainer having a choice. Suddenly there was nothing – no houseboat, no money. “It simply came to my notice then. The company went into foreclosure, “Genzer explained the stumbling block.

However, even this experience did not deter him, so he tried his luck again after years. And it worked. “And now we are building new houseboats, a lot and for everyone. So maybe I’ll rob one there. I am unteachable! ” Richard Genzer laughed, as the website wrote. Even in his personal life, the StarDance jury did not avoid overstepping, but he himself is proof that second chances simply exist, as well as the consequences.

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Recently, his old-new girlfriend was at the mercy of Gena: “I have a girlfriend and it’s not new. I don’t want to talk about it at all, she doesn’t want it. I’m happy with her, but it’s not absolutely great because I’ve done some things I’m ashamed of, or I haven’t done them well and I want to do them better. “ the former dancer admitted a ban from his love.

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