Genco Erkal; Got 2 Sinovac, 2 Biontech vaccines

While the fight against coronavirus continues, vaccination studies against the epidemic continue.

83-year-old Genco Erkal, who received his fourth dose of vaccine, also called on citizens to ‘get vaccinated’.


Announcing that he was vaccinated on his social media account, Genco Erkal said, “I was hit in the fourth overdose. 2 Sinovac, 2 Biotech. I strongly recommend it to everyone. Now I can take the subway with peace of mind. I can go to the cinema, the theater, I can go abroad,” he said.


Since two doses of BioNTech vaccine are required by some countries when going abroad, those who have two doses of Sinovac and one dose of BioNTech can have a fourth dose of vaccine.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca also said about the 4th dose of vaccine, “There is no need for an additional dose of vaccine for anyone who has received 2 doses of mRNA vaccine or 3 doses of inactivated vaccine. There is absolutely no such medical necessity. Only certain types of vaccines are accepted upon entry to some countries. A special arrangement has been made for people who request to have 2 doses of mRNA vaccine to comply with the relevant country regulations. There is no additional vaccination requirement, except that it is requested for private travel,” he said.

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