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LGTBI … I've already lost the abbreviations. I apologize and nobody gets angry, but I think this problem is not focused. I'm telling you

For many years sexual tendencies that did not correspond to orthodoxy were heavily penalized; At times they could not be mentioned, because they caused a refusal that always marked the people involved. Unfortunately there are many places in the world where this is still the case, and there are still doctrines that consider homosexuality as a disease that must be corrected at all costs.

The claim of normality, of the acceptance of the environment of heterodox sexual options, is absolutely necessary; The fight for gays and lesbians was very hard, he had a lot of courage to get out of the closet and even more to avenge him publicly. It is a cause that must be clearly supported in order to combat the marginalization of people simply because they somehow do not conform to the prescribed model. Fortunately, however, this phase is late. Not everything is solved, I know; There are still prejudices and discriminations, but when they are publicly expressed, it is rather the people who formulate those who are criticized.

Now, however, we are in a curious situation: sexual heterodoxs ask to be considered as differentiated identities, even as differentiated genders. In the visits I often do to schools, I often find myself asking, "How should we treat transgender creatures?" And with the anguish of teachers: "We do not know how to educate gays, lesbians, intersexuals, etc. What should we do?"

I understand your concern: if we consider that they are different, that they are neither men nor women, surely you must educate them in a different way. However, this approach seems to me to be clearly wrong. For different reasons.

First of all, because creating different categories for people always leads to a hierarchy, considering that groups are better than others. The man / woman duality, which can be seen as a rigorous difference, is treated hierarchically, and gives rise to privileges, rights and differentiated duties, most of which have nothing to do with sex, the biological difference, but Only with gender, cultural difference. What has been done by feminism is to eliminate gender inequalities, and to achieve this goal, we must erase the same genres. If we build more, if we are multiplying genders, what will happen is that new prejudices will be created, new differences in value, which will lead to new discrimination. So, rather than creating new designs, new classifications, you must try to delete them all and avoid creating more discriminatory hierarchies.

A second reason is the instability of sexual preferences, which, from my point of view, can never give rise to differentiated identities. The identities are quite stable, the desires are not. If we consider that being gay, for example, is an identity, it means that if one day a gay man feels sexually attracted to a woman he is no longer gay, who has betrayed his identity? Or that if a woman in a straight line feels attracted to another woman, she ceases to be a woman? It would not be, but adding problems to an already complex problem. Now that we are in a society that finally recognizes the right to desire and their satisfaction – within certain limits, of course, since what can not be accepted is rape or pederasty – it would be stupid not to recognize the versatility of desire, what Shakespeare he explained so well Dream of a summer nightand they want to imprison the attractions again in closed models, be two or ten years old.

Rather than creating new models, you need to open both existing ones and modify their content. A man can be homosexual, bisexual, transgender, intersexual … and all the letters that will be added to it. When he is a child, he can play dolls, dress as a girl or wear skirts; For this reason it is not necessary that we consider that it ceases to be a man; Simply, it somehow puts into practice another way of being a man. And the same in the case of a woman. These are the concepts of men and women who have to change, those who have to expand so that they can adapt to all options without this having to change a gender. We have to go towards the disappearance of the genres, not towards their multiplication, which would mean more obstacles and more obstacles for everyone than the man, the white, the heterosexual and the rich.

This change will not be easy, I'm sure. And not because of the LGBTI, but because they are these others, the heterosexual and powerful white men, those who do not bear the question of the masculinity they possess and who use as an element of domination. Rather than escape the male gender, dissidents of their hegemonic model should claim it, only to transform it from within and show that being white, heterosexist and powerful is just one way among others of being a man, and perhaps not the most Interesting.


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