General Park Chang-geun, National Singer, Thank You for Beating the Political Controversy

Photo = TV Chosun ‘National Singer’ broadcast screen.

Singer Park Chang-geun expressed his feelings about the controversy over his political orientation.

On TV Chosun’s ‘Tomorrow’s National Singer Talk Concert’, which aired on the 13th, the story behind the top 10 contest was revealed.

The story behind the contest between Solomon Lee and Yuha Kim, who were selected as the best couple on this day, was revealed. Kim Yu-ha, who was happy just to be on the same team as Solomon, lay down on Solomon’s lap and held his hand, and watched the video of Solomon at home. Solomon also said, “My girlfriend is 7 years old. Our princess likes the color pink.” He showed affection and gave Yuha Kim a bag.

Kim Dong-hyun went down to his hometown in Busan after the contest, and when asked by his family if it was a pity, he was satisfied, saying, “I worked too hard and focused on everything, so there was no regret in the process.”

Kim Dong-hyun, who currently lives in Incheon, and Lee Byung-chan, who lives in Pocheon, decided to stay near the recording studio to focus on the competition ahead of the final. The two said, “Tonight is spending the first night. I will have a good time,” he said, creating a strange atmosphere. Lee Byung-chan, who was watching the mukbang routine before going to bed, said, “I have a strong pure image in the broadcast, but I am not pure. The time is running out,” he said, shivering in a gentle manner.

The next day, when asked about skin care, Lee Byung-chan said, “I apply about 5 on my face. Apply skin, ampoule, lotion, moisture cream, and eye cream.” In the unpublished video of the team mission camp, which was released later, Lee Byung-chan revealed his strong abs, which he had been working out for a long time.

Photo = TV Chosun 'National Singer' broadcast screen.
Photo = TV Chosun ‘National Singer’ broadcast screen.

Solomon’s house was also revealed. Solomon, who enjoyed romance with drip coffee in a neatly organized house, boiled coffee water in a frying pan and laughed. “I have a large frying pan, a pot, and a small frying pan at home,” Lee Solomon said. Take what you can see that day and heat it up. I live roughly. It’s not that systematic.”

The tears of the performers during the contest were also revealed. Kim Yu-ha, who was eliminated after losing the battle with Solomon Lee, showed courage on stage, but eventually burst into tears at the comfort of her uncles in the waiting room.

Park Chang-geun said, “I was very grateful for the tremendous support. He said, “I didn’t even care about the malicious comments saying they were going to beat me to death. Probably for the rest of my life. Thank you so much,” he confessed.

On this day, Solomon drew attention by preparing hot pot rice. Solomon said, “I don’t have a rice cooker at home, so I cook in a pot. If I don’t have a rice cooker, I can buy it or buy a microwave, but that’s annoying, so I use the most cumbersome method.” Solomon then added, “I ran out of shampoo and washed my hair with soap, but Donghyun bought me a shampoo.”

Solomon Lee skillfully boiled shiraegi, made porridge with shiraegi, and prepared a meal as a side dish for the market. Solomon Lee said frankly, “The side dishes are delicious, but it’s better if my mom made them.”
By Tae Yuna, staff reporter for Tenasia [email protected]

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