News General practitioner about new euthanasia process: 'Convinced that I...

General practitioner about new euthanasia process: ‘Convinced that I …

The euthanasia case about Tine Nys is reopened before the civil court of first instance in East Flanders. General practitioner Joris Van Hove has to answer again for his role as executive doctor. He says in a response that he has done nothing wrong.

The Court of Cassation in Brussels has just ruled that the judgment of the Court of Appeal in Ghent was indeed insufficiently motivated about the acquittal of general practitioner Van Hove. In doing so, the Supreme Court follows the advice of the Attorney General in Cassation.

Tine Nys’ family appealed the doctor’s acquittal. The prosecutor’s office did not. As a result, the case is now in civil court. The doctor no longer risks a prison sentence, but he still risks substantial compensation.

‘I’m not worried about it’, says Van Hove himself in a response. ‘I have done nothing wrong and I am convinced that I will be proved right again. Now it is only a financial aspect, I no longer risk a life sentence. ‘


Van Hove was the doctor who performed the euthanasia of Tine Nys on April 27, 2010, by administering a lethal syringe. The family fundamentally disagreed with this euthanasia and had also denounced its careless motivation and clumsy execution.

Earlier this year, Van Hove and two other doctors were acquitted before the assize court in Ghent. Van Hove was acquitted ‘in case of reasonable doubt’, but it was not clarified what was meant by that.



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