Health General practitioner warns with gripping corona story: 'Deadly sick...

General practitioner warns with gripping corona story: ‘Deadly sick and only with your fears is grueling’

At the request of the GP, the patient in question shared his experiences in a blog. This patient was initially quite laconic about the coronavirus. “It will all be easy.” That attitude changed radically when he and his family fell ill.

Below is a short account from his diary:

Monday March 9. “Both my parents are sick. They cough and have a fever. I put a pan of fresh chicken soup at the front door, wave at them and go home.”

Two days later, he himself suffers from a tickly cough. “Before I knew it I was sick, well ill. I was stuffy, nauseous and had to cough. Mother was doing better now but our dad was getting worse.”

Moon suit
“On Thursday, the doctor came to my father in a kind of moon suit. Meanwhile, I was alone in the garage, sick. I could not help and support my parents and they could not support me.”

On Monday, a week after my parents fell ill, his father was hospitalized. “My mom was not allowed to be there, she was still coughing. I also just felt worse and had pneumonia. No one who could comfort me, grab me or say it would be okay. What felt I feel lonely and scared. “

Too weak to go to the bathroom
The next days he only feels worse. “In the meantime, my father was on a ventilator in intensive care and was kept asleep. I couldn’t even take a shower anymore. Going to the toilet was too heavy. So weak, so sick, so stuffy.”

Only after thirteen days the health improves a little “I got some appetite again, but then the next blow came. A brother of our porridge was admitted. He had to go on the maximum ventilation immediately. Unfortunately it was already too late. I was still sitting sick in the garage. I couldn’t comfort my mother and she couldn’t help me. That’s so lonely. ”

“People don’t underestimate it. Corona is an assassin. Corona is not just any flu. It’s dead serious. It makes people weak, sick, deathly sick, and makes people die, so stay home! Stay away from others. Wash your hands, disinfect your house, your toilet. Pay attention to each other and call someone else more often, especially if they are sick. “

“It is not nice to be sick, but it is sick to death and only debilitating with your fears and thoughts! Unfortunately I speak from experience and I am not there yet.”



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