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The ex-dancer decided to respond, through his official Instagram account, to a who downplayed her by not studying her professional career at the or in the .

“Who the … is Génesis Tapia? What bench does he represent? What political scientist or anthropologist is she? Is it from the Catholic or San Marcos?, Who is it?”, wrote one of the ‘haters’ of the influencer.

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I am the future judge who will see to it that misogynists like you think twice before referring to a woman with pejorative comments ”, was the response of the law student at the Technological University of Peru (UTP).

After publishing what the user answered, Genesis Tapia He spoke through the stories of the aforementioned social network to make it clear that he is not interested in questioning where he studies his professional career.

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“I am going to refer to the subject because I am not the only person who fights for his dreams, who strives to be the best in his studies, and that does not mean that he studies at San Marcos, Católica or San Martín. There are many that we study and we are proud to study at UTP. (I am) close to finishing, with honors and I am proud. It is not the subject of the university, it is my effort that qualifies how far I am going to go, because I am going to be a judge and I am going to leave a very important legacy, so call me bataclana, cumbia dancer, that does not interest me “said the university student.

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Genesis Tapia She remarked that her past does not embarrass her because, as she said, it will serve as an example for many women who want to be artists, understand the great importance of studying a university degree.

“Neither my four children, nor my husband, nor my work, nor my housework could prevent me from achieving my dreams and finishing as I wanted, with honors. They won’t make me feel badTell me that if I am a political scientist, I can comment on the subject I want if I feel prepared to do so. Los 20 (grade) does not give you any university, it is earned with effort and discipline “, culminated.



Génesis Tapia responded to his detractors
Génesis Tapia responded to criticism from her detractors on Instagram.


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