Genshin Impact erupts miHoYo !! Do not comment. Anniversary 1 year.

Hello friends Genshin Impact all lovely since the arrival of Patch 2.1 that Drama has erupted more and more, which may be the cause of the players dissatisfaction with various issues accumulated more and more until now Patch 2.1 This coincides with the 1-year anniversary and this bomb has happened again. with the players who were complaining about each other About the 1 Year Anniversary Awards

I must say that the expectations of the players ingamethis is quite high Which is not a mistake at all.gameThey love and appreciate that everyone wants it to be good and complete in every part. By the 1st anniversary award, players have come out with comments about their carelessness and disinterest in answering. Feedback of Community that happened since the character Yoimiya with a claim

So far there has been no statement. or talking about problems that arise, including Bug of Sara and character problems KoKomi The main straw is the prizes that are available. miHoYo Said there would be a surprise for that. Instead, it’s not a surprise in terms of prizes. but is an activity related to Promote onegameMore than a reward Or souvenirs for 1 year anniversary !!

from the players demanding heavily but did not receive a response This made some players think their opinions were ignored. miHoYo We don’t know what the real problem is or what. miHoYo what are you thinking because miHoYo There has not been any announcement other than the promotion.gamehard during this period

miHoYo sets its own time bomb / miHoYo puts all channels under control

which many parties have Feedback out of the way disappointed with miHoYo In many stories..but what was a big bomb erupted with that. miHoYo issued strict measures to express opinions about the 1-year anniversary award, making both Thai and foreign players fierce with the approach miHoYo Very expressive overall, this is what. Community Restricted

  • within the game Genshin Impact Can’t edit internal signature Profile game
  • upper society Reddit Post All must be approved before being published.
  • Post All related 1 year anniversary “locked”
  • All opinions about this Comments will be withheld (banned).
  • upper society FROM delete Post All related to 1 year anniversary
  • flat Keyword related to “reward”, “free” to create Post , comment and signature under name
  • upper society Tieba delete Post All related to 1 year anniversary
  • flat Keyword related to “reward”, “free” to create Post, comment and signature under name
  • ID New will not be able to access the topic. Genshin Impact can
  • Hoyolab almost disapproved Post besides the picture Fanart or Cosplay
  • When talking about the 1 year anniversary, there is a chance of getting banned. If judged to be Toxic
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now in Community that showed anger miHoYo very much and made a very low rating in Play Store because of that miHoYo Block comments causing the situation to escalate into the game Honkai Impact 3 too

How does a low rating in the Play Store affect?

Ask how it works I must say that it is very effective because in the contract of enforcement. Play Store The service provider must maintain a good standard of service. If the score here is very low, then the game of miHoYo may have the right to be removed from Play Store at all, including that miHoYo that will lose Profile go in the long term with the coming companies Collab with miHoYo waste opportunity or otherwise, they will see their opinions Negative Feedback go with make miHoYo huge benefit And new players coming in will see the correct score here. Review So low that they may withdraw from this game at all.

which on September 28 miHoYo Has made a large amount of money to buy #Hashflags on Twitter to add Icon More than 38 characters in the back on the occasion of the game’s opening for 1 year, by registration. Hashflags This costs approximately 1,000,000 USD / 1 piece (about 33.7 million baht) until the player asked why not give a giveaway instead miHoYo This will have to wait and see the next situation. The atmosphere is really uncomfortable these days, brothers and sisters.. I hope there will be a good solution in this regard.


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