At the beginning of the month, during the last PlayStation State of Play, MiHoYo announced that his Action-RPG free-to-play Genshin Impact would come out this fall on PS4. Since then, it is a release date on PC and mobile that was given. On the occasion of the gamescom 2020we have heard from him again and it is very good for the community members PlayStation who are looking forward to it.

Indeed, Genshin Impact will also be released on September 28 on PS4, like that, no jealousy, everyone can explore the world of Teyvat at the same time. In a post published on the PlayStation Blog on this occasion, we learn via the technical director of the studio Zhenzhong Yi that the development began more than three and a half years ago, quite a journey, especially since it is the first game of this studio to be released on a console Sony.

History to mark the occasion, exclusive content will therefore be offered to players on this platform, namely theDescent sword and the Wind Glider Wings of Descent. Other little extras should be unlocked over the course of the game, but are not explained.

The Sword of Descent is an impressive weapon that will prove useful from the start of the adventure. Not only can it deal bonus damage to nearby opponents, it also grants increased offensive damage when equipped on the Traveler, making it the perfect weapon against any stubborn foe you come across right off the bat.

Then, the Descent Wings, an elegant and exclusive glider. This glider will help you travel faster through territories and enemies and reach heights that would otherwise be inaccessible to you. The Descent Wings glider style will be available exclusively for travelers on PS4.

With it, you will be able to slay enemies and fly to the skies with class!

In a statement, Zhenzhong Yi also added this:

We will continue to listen to what our players have to say and improve the PS4 version, especially on technical performance, for a smooth gaming experience, solo or multiplayer., the technical director of Genshin Impact. Many other improvements are also under development. A new version available soon will also optimize the graphic rendering of the characters and the landscapes.

The studio is therefore making every effort to impress us and continue to improve Genshin Impact, we’re clearly not going to complain about it. A nice trailer featuring mainly the sister of the main character (if we choose) has also been released., suggesting that she will obstruct him at the end of his journey, to see at the beginning of the article in Japanese and below in English. A video behind the scenes is back on the development of the game, remember to activate the subtitles!

Genshin Impact 02 29 08 2020

Finally, know that you can pre-order a Beginners Materials Pack costing € 10.99 on the PSN, cards that can be purchased on Amazon or the Fnac if necessary.

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