Genshin Impact would also be available on PS5, miHoYo claims, but no plans for Xbox consoles

MiHoYo itself has confirmed that these, and other plans, will be announced once they begin to take shape.

At this point, chances are you’ve heard of the free, open-world game, Genshin Impact. But if not, it is a game developed by the Chinese studio miHoYo which is based on exploring the world alone or in cooperative multiplayer mode. All this with characters that you will win according to your luck, since the gachapon style is its greatest.

This is why, although it is free, has generated more than 100 million dollars in just 12 days since its launch and with it completed its development costs. Although at the beginning of the month there was already talk about what was -and is- the largest global release in history for a Chinese video game. The title is available on Android and iOS, PC and PS4, but with the new generation of consoles around the corner, many will want to know what will happen to her.

Twinfinite has exchanged a few words with miHoYo and has asked them directly if the game would be available on the new generation of consoles. They have responded that there are plans for it, but that they would not announce it for now. Of course, although they did not explicitly say “PS5”, they did mention the fact that have no plans for xbox consoles.

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“We have plans regarding the new generation of consoles, and we will announce them as they take shape. We have no plans to release the game on XboxWith these words, everything seems to indicate that, in case Genshin Impact makes it official in the next generation, it would only be on PS5.

Remember that Genshin Impact will also be available on Nintendo SwitchAlthough for now the version for the Nintendo console is still in development and there is still no clear release date. However, with these plans, and a possible new Switch on the horizon, who knows what may also happen with the platforms of the company now run by Shuntaro Furukawa.

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