Genshin Impact would have started a censorship process for its version in China – Kudasai

On the official Twitter account of the video game developed by miHoYo, Genshin Impact, new outfits for the characters were announced “Amber, The Flying Champion“, “Jean, The Grand Master Intendant“, “Mona, The Astrologer” Y “Rosaria, La Beata Impía“. There is no date announced for their releases and it has not been announced if they will be free or paid items for players.

These would be the first alternate costumes not related to a specific event. In the past, new cosmetics appeared as part of limited-time events, with the former appearing in the “Version 1.6However, fans are sure that there is a deeper meaning behind this announcement.

Fans noted that the new outfits are, in fact, less revealing than the outfits that the characters are currently wearing within the title. Where does the trend of showing less and less skin sound familiar to us? From China! According to an official update, the new outfits will replace the original outfits permanently on the video game’s China server, while both will be available to the rest of the world. But, how long will miHoYo resort to this practice? (On the left the current design, on the right the alternative)

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