Gentlemen's Billiards: Dominant Britons, Chanceless Germans: The Sport Snooker


Snooker reminds a bit of chess with a lot of sensitivity in the fingers. The highly tactical game on the oversized pool table can only be won with concentration, accuracy and patience.

A single game usually lasts for several hours or even days. Some find it boring and difficult to understand. Others are fascinated by the “gentleman's game” and watch for hours.

This Saturday begins until the 6th May lasting World Cup in Sheffield. What is snooker actually for a sport? Why are the Germans so chanceless? And who are the favorites in the Crucible Theater? The German Press Agency answers the most important questions before the World Cup.

What's the difference between snooker and pool billiards?

Snooker is a more complex variant of the billiard, in which 15 red and six differently colored balls must be sunk in a fixed order. While red balls only score one point, the colored balls have higher scores – with seven points the black ball is the most valuable. As long as red balls are lying on the table, you have to punch red-color-red-paint alternately. There is also a yellow (2 points), green (3), brown (4), blue (5) and pink (6) ball. In a break, a maximum of 147 points are possible – the dream figure for each snooker Professional.

Where does the name Snooker come from and what does the term mean in the game?

If a player can not directly hit the next ball he has to play according to the rules and is forced to make a push over the gang or a bow ball, he has been snookered. If the player does not hit this ball in the sequence, he collects penalty points. These penalty points can be decisive for the game in contested stages – snookering the opponent is thus an important tactical variant. If a player himself can not sink a ball, he tries to drop the white ball at a position that is as unfavorable as possible for the opponent.

Where is the Snooker World Cup to be seen?

At the sports broadcaster Eurosport, which broadcasts more than 150 hours live from Sheffield on its various channels. The World Cup is the highlight and finale of every season. 32 professionals are allowed to play for the title each year in April and May, and 128 participate in the previous qualification. The venue since 1977 is the Crucible Theater in Sheffield, England. This will stay that way until at least 2027. Currently the best and most famous professional, Ronnie O'Sullivan, works for Eurosport as an expert.

Who are the favorites?

Especially “The Rocket” O'Sullivan, who was able to set with a strong season for the first time since 2010 back to the top of the world rankings and there has replaced his British compatriot Mark Selby. Even Selby, himself three times world champion, is considered one of the hot candidates for the title. In the other favorite circle also the Welsh defending champion Mark Williams, the Australian Neil Robertson and Judd Trump from England are traded.

Why are the Germans so chanceless?

German players have never been able to qualify for the final round of a snooker World Cup. Again, Lukas Kleckers and Simon Lichtenberg had no chance in qualifying. Expert and commentator Rolf Kalb orders: “In terms of snooker, Germany is still a very small pond. Anyone who is a big fish there has to realize at the professional level that he is still a tiny fish. “He also criticizes the” non-optimal support “of the German Billiard Union. The British professionals continue to see calf at the top of the table due to “the amount of players and the long history”.


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