Georg Büchner Prize 2019 goes to Lukas Bärfuss


Dhe Swiss writer and playwright Lukas Bärfuss (47) is awarded the Georg Büchner Prize 2019. This was announced by the German Academy of Language and Literature on Tuesday in Darmstadt. The prize, worth 50,000 euros, is considered the most important literary award in Germany. He will be awarded on 2 November in Darmstadt.

“With Lukas Bärfuss, the German Academy of Language and Literature honors an outstanding narrator and dramatist of German-language contemporary literature,” it says in the Justification of the jury, “With a high degree of stylistic confidence and a wealth of formal variations, his dramas and novels always explore new and different existential basic situations of modern life.” These are qualities that at the same time characterize Bärfuss' essays, in which he accompanies today's world with a fearlessly examining, astonished and appreciative eye.

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The narrative attaches itself to the heels of the present

Among the best-known works of the award-winning author include the novels “Hundred Days” on the genocide in Rwanda and “Koala” on the suicide of his brother and the stage play “The sexual neurosis of our parents.”

The Academy awards the Award since 1951 to writers who write in German. The award winners must “stand out in a special way through their works and works” and “play a significant role in shaping the present German cultural life”.

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