World George Floyd : Democrats, knees, eight minutes and 46...

George Floyd : Democrats, knees, eight minutes and 46 seconds

After Trump’s Statement: Facebook checks dealing with controversial Posts

Due to the ongoing debate on the handling of controversial Comments by US President Donald Trump ends Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg has made improvements in view. The company will review its dealings with government threats of violence and with publications that might affect the turnout, said Zuckerberg on Friday evening (local time). It will also be checked, to delete in addition to the previous approach, a Post office either in or allow you to find Alternatives. To the Facebook employees, he wrote: “I know a lot of you think we should have the Posts of the President in the past week in any way with information.” Zuckerberg warned, however, such a path could bring Facebook to against Posts which do not liked the organization simply in terms of content, but not clearly against the rules of the platform in schools. “I think we need to tread very carefully here,” he wrote.

Facebook has deleted in the U.S. in addition, dozens of accounts of extreme right-wing groups, who have called according to the Online network to violence at the Anti-racism protests. The groups have asked their members and supporters to take protest actions against the death of the African-American George Floyd, said the Facebook Manager Brian Fishman on Friday. In some cases, they had even intended to be armed to go to the protests. The deleted accounts were, according to Facebook with the extreme right-wing groups, Proud Boys and American Guard, which had been locked by Facebook and its Instagram already. They had tried, therefore, but, on the platforms return. Facebook tried to identify their new accounts.

After the violence, call the network have accelerated the delete action now, said Fishman, is with Facebook for action against dangerous organizations responsible. Yet the network, according to which around 80 Facebook and 50 Instagram has deleted accounts of American Guard and around 30 accounts of the Proud Boys.



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