World George Floyd: This photo shows the difference between Trump...

George Floyd: This photo shows the difference between Trump and Obama

Cooking of national guard shot and killed – he should have opened fire

Again a case of state violence: In the US state of Kentucky, a cook, was shot to death investigators, according to the national guard after he had shot the guard. David McAtee is on December 31. May have been taken while cooking for several kilometers of protests against racist police violence to his Restaurant deadly, said J. Michael Brown, Secretary of the Executive Cabinet of the state of Kentucky, on Tuesday. “It is clear that the fatal shot by the national guard came in,” said Brown. “We have no doubt.”

The police of Louisville and national guardsmen had responded Brown, according to a report on a gathering of people in the area. On a Video of the police of Louisville officials were to be seen, the pepper shells in there duties, where McAtee cooked on the outside. Brown said he believe that McAtee had fired first with live ammunition. The national guard replied to the shots, “what would any police officer in the case”. McAtee was hit once in the chest and died on the spot. Investigators found Brown, according to two cartridges of McAtees weapon and residues of shots to his body. The police Department of Kentucky have examined the shrapnel, so-called shrapnel, of McAtees body, the on the guns of the national guard pass.

The national guard was to help in the city in the enforcement of a curfew. Also in Louisville, it had been demonstrated after the death of George Floyd in police violence in Minneapolis, and the death of Breonna Taylor of Louisville against racist police violence. Taylor was shot in March by police officers during the search of your house.

The Video of the police of Louisville, shows apparently, as McAtee from the door of his Restaurants, shoots, while officials fire projectiles. A Video of another camera, such as a beverage container on a table outside the building explodes and falls to the ground, just before the smoke penetrates from the Interior of the building, in the McAtee stand.

The lawyer for the family called on Monday, the investigators should publish all the Videos in connection with the shooting. The officials should assume responsibility for the use of violence to apologize. McAtees niece had been from pepper shot taken when she stood in the door of the restaurant. The mayor of the city of Louisville, Greg Fischer, has sacked the chief of police, Steve Conrad, because the officials had their body Cams during the operation.



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