World George Soros to donate $ 220 million to fight...

George Soros to donate $ 220 million to fight racism in the United States

The American tycoon of Hungarian origin will allocate that money to organizations that work in the search for justice that respects the equality before the law of African-Americans Source: Archive

Open Society Foundations, the philanthropic group founded by the magnate George Soros, will invest $ 220 million in favor of the battle for racial justice in the U.S. This is a large sum that will sustain for years the activity of various African-American groups that are at the forefront of the struggle and raising awareness against the racism.

The movement comes after the wave of protests that crossed the country after the death of George Floyd en Minneapolis, an African American man who lost his life at the hands of the police of that city.

Of the sum, they will be invested 150 million dollars in donations to some organizations, including the Black Voters Matter fund -Black Voters Matter- and Gap repairers, a group founded by the reverend William J. Barber II.

The money will also fund other African-American movements, such as the Equal Justice Initiative, founded by the civil rights lawyer Bryan Stevenson and immortalized on film Just Mercy (premiered in Argentina as Looking for justice).

The intention of the magnate is to fight for equal opportunities and equitable treatment in justice for African Americans, so that episodes such as those that ended in the crime of George Floyd, in Minneapolis, in May of this year are not repeated. Source: Archive

Another $ 70 million will be used to support changes in the policeman and the Justice criminal, practical and political training for young people.

“It is inspiring and powerful to experience this transformational moment in the racial justice movement,” said the president of the Open Society Foundations, Patrick gaspard, it’s a statement-. We are honored to be able to attend the vital work of fighting for the rights, dignity and equity of oppressed people around the world, initiated by our founder and president, George Soros“.

“It is time to take urgent and bold action to address racial injustice in the U.S“, he pointed Alex Soros, son of the Hungarian-born tycoon and vice president of the foundation through another statement.

“These investments will allow legitimate leaders of the black community to reimagine policing, end mass incarcerations, and remove barriers to equal opportunity that were the sources of social inequity for too long,” he concluded.

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