Georgetown Prep exceeds Bullis to claim the IAC football title


Andrew Johnston, of Georgetown Prep, took an oblique passage, broke a tackle and flew to the final area, the side line of the Little Hoyas implored noisily. Johnston stumbled briefly but remained standing, leaving a defender Bullis behind him. On a rainy Friday night in Potomac, where the points were at a premium, Johnston's ability to stand up and run 87 yards for a crucial score in the 2-5 win at Little Hoyas helped secure the Interstate Athletic title Conference.

"I was running for my life," said Johnston. "I expected someone to chase me".

When no one caught him, the Georgetown Prep side line broke out.

Little Hoyas (8-1, 5-0) has never looked back, winning the title and remaining unbeaten in the league a year after sharing the title with rival Landon.

"Last year I thought I had an advantage over our shoulders because we had the title but we were not really champions," said Little Hoyas captain Justin Clark, who had an interception. "This was our goal for the whole summer from day one, take off that" co "and be real champions."

Johnston's touchdown hold was a turning point after Prep started playing with the kick, giving Bullis the ball on Georgetown Prep's 12-yard line. But the defense was high, stopping the Bulldogs with a three-and-out. Bullis missed a field goal try.

"Our first defensive stand was phenomenal," said Georgetown coach Dan Paro. "I talked to the boys before the match on hugging adversity because it's your best friend." They've been put in a lot of bad situations and have continued to fight. "

More adversity came when Bullis blocked a punt, leading to security. But the defense of the Little Hoyas intensified again. On the next race after Johnston's touchdown, the Bulldogs were leading before consecutive bags of Abdul Jawara and William Tinsley forced to a kick. The Bulldogs had less-12 yards in the first half.

Bullis (7-3, 3-2) tried to recover the momentum to start the second half while the running back Eric McKan marched 64 yards on seven rushes, leading to a field goal. But Georgetown quarterback Prep, Peter Davin, hooked up with Emmet Scanlon on the next drive for a 76-yard landing. Davin found Johnston wide open for another 40-yard touchdown in the third quarter to seal the game.

"They had 10, 11 guys in the box," said Paro. "At the end of the day, game action, they are all coming downhill, and [the receivers] slipped for free. "

The victory marked the second scale for Georgetown Prep on Bullis, and the Little Hoyas – and their fans – later celebrated singing "IAC!" On the field.

"I can not even put into words, it's a dream come true," Clark said. "The defense brought us, and here we are, champions."


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