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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Georgina Rodriguez She is one of the famous women who has given a lot to talk about in recent days. On this occasion, she is once again in the news of the media for a striking photograph that she shared on her Instagram account and that has attracted a lot of her attention.

The explosive image we are talking about is that of little Bella Esmeralda who is the youngest daughter of Georgina and Cristiano and that has paralyzed the Internet. The baby was born on April 18 of this year and now at 7 months old, she couldn’t be richer.

And it is true, since since he was born, both the model Like the soccer player, they have shared with their followers some tender moments of the baby and the rest of their children, sharing them on postal networks and videos, but now this photo, uploaded to their stories, has generated a lot of tenderness for everyone.

We know well that the birth of Georgina It was very complicated to the point of losing another twin baby that was on the way, being then, a very difficult moment that the family lived through and that will be marked forever in their lives.

However, to keep it even more in mind, influence her She got an emotional tattoo, and now she enjoys with all her children the day to day and the preparation for the December holidays that we already have close.

As expected the publication of Georgina Rodriguez It was filled with thousands of beautiful messages revealing how big and precious the brunette of the most sought after influencer and acclaimed by all is.

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