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Gera: Pensioner Alfons (84) shouted at Corona demo – Thuringia

Gera (Thuringia) – Alfons Blum is still upset. The 84-year-old recently attended a demonstration against the corona requirements in Gera – and was verbally attacked there by other participants in the demo.

For weeks he has not been allowed to visit his wife, who has severe dementia, in the nursing home, he suffers a lot from it.

Around 3.5 million television viewers recently saw what he then experienced at the rally on the “ARD extra” program: How the pensioner was shouted down by another demonstration participant when he tearfully described the situation to the camera team.

“I got scared and was surrounded by several people,” says the pensioner.

Since the recordings of the incident were published and shared a thousand times over the Internet, the phone has not stopped at Blum. He is also very popular on social media. “The reactions are consistently positive and it’s very, very nice how people react,” he says.

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Photo: Bodo Schackow / dpa

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Alfons Blum in front of the Otto Dix retirement home. His wife lives in this homePhoto: Bodo Schackow / dpa

The behavior of the demonstrators, some of whom applauded when the pensioner is so massively attacked, is often condemned.

A man accuses him loudly of letting himself be “fooled”. “If you listen to ARD and ZDF, you’ve practically lost control of your life,” he grunts at the pensioner. But he contradicts: “No, absolutely not. You have to stay reasonable. ”

He is now getting a lot of respect online for that.

Last weekend, thousands of people across the country demonstrated against the corona restrictions. So also on Saturday in Gera, where this scene took place on the market.

It also shows how broad the spectrum of participants is – in addition to AfD supporters, conspiracy theorists, opponents of vaccination and other activists, there are also people who simply suffer from the corona restrictions.

When Blum talks about his situation, he keeps sobbing, his voice becomes brittle. His wife has been in the nursing home since December and he had visited her every day, he says. But since mid-March this has not been possible.

“This is mental torture and I find no rest at night despite sleeping pills,” he reports. “I love my angel like I did on the first day.” Because of his wife’s illness, phone calls are almost impossible. All that is left for him is a “beautiful picture” of her in his wall unit.

Because of the corona pandemic, visits to nursing homes and clinics have not only been prohibited in Thuringia since mid-March. This was loosened up a little last week – however, the homes first have to develop individual concepts and have them confirmed by the health department.

So Blum has to be patient until he meets his wife again. Will he go to another demonstration against the corona restrictions with this pain? “I don’t think so,” he replies. “The mood is so aggressive.”

The hope of a soon visit to his wife gives him strength. He has a very special date in mind: June 8th. Then the couple has the 63rd wedding anniversary. Blum hopes to be able to hug his wife by then at the latest.



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