Entertainment Geraldine Bazán wears a transparent heart attack bikini

Geraldine Bazán wears a transparent heart attack bikini

Geraldine BazánLike most people, he is looking forward to the quarantine ending so that he can go out and enjoy the world, like a trip to the beach and show off his heart-pounding body.

In one of his latest publications of Instagram, the actress ventured on a trip to the beaches with her daughters Elisa and Alexa, where she used a transparent bikini, which highlights his toned figure, the object of envy.

“You neglect yourself … And they paparazze you. What day is today? Oh yes, Sunday” Geraldine Bazán wrote next to the photos, which surely were taken by her daughter. The actress has shared several images remembering the trips she has made with her daughters.

Also, while staying home, He has kept in touch with his followers by doing live sessions and sharing his daily activities. She even joined the fashion of the TikTok, where she has a lot of fun with her daughters.

During these days of uncertainty, celebrities have remained in their homes, advising their millions of followers to do the same and thus be able to prevent a contagion from Covid-19 coronavirus. The authorities have advised to continue in quarantine to lower the infected curve and to be able to attend correctly in hospitals.

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