Geraldine Bazán's mother assures that Gabriel Soto is still his family

The divorce of Geraldine Bazán is Gabriel Soto, after a decade of sentimental relationships, ended last September. However, for Rosalba Ortiz Cabrera, mother of the actress, her former political son-in-law will remain of her family for life and the great affection he feels for him does not change after the collapse of marriage.

Instagram / Geraldine Bazán

"Nobody believes it, and always, him [Gabriel Soto] it will be my family; He is my blood and already, "Ortiz warned the Mexican radio program Todo para la Mujer (Radio Formula)." Do not ask him anything anymore, because not even a daughter tells me: "Mom, it does not matter anymore" . But it's still my family. Furthermore, even if children behave badly, they are still children. "


Grandmother's Elisa Marie is Alexa Miranda denied that the interpreter of veronica in the telenovela "Dueños del Paraíso" she now has a romantic relationship and says she is upset by the fact that she involves her daughter in that kind of false information that damages her.

"My daughter does not have a pretender, she does not have a boyfriend or a couple, they invented it, well, it's better not to tell them, but no!", He clarified. "That they are putting engaged couples and couples, that I do not like anything".

Rosalba Ortiz asked the media to stop involving her, as they do with their family, in apocryphal news because they only cause conflicts with Geraldine Bazán and Gabriel Soto. It just wants things to develop harmoniously.

"The commentators of the gossip, well, the news, those are the ones who throw me, but hey, to kill." They said I prepare the snails [señal con las manos que significa insulto]No, "he concluded.


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