Gergely Christmas ventured out to Blah, with the Internet laughing at her

On Thursday, Gergely Christmas tried to show her image as if she was interested in what was going on in the capital, so she applied for Blaha in work clothes. The mayor claimed in the video that workers were thrown in bottles, but there is no evidence of that. Zsolt Wintermantel cut out a picture from his Christmas video and asked people to give the picture a title. Lots of suggestions have been received, now we will show you the best!

On Thursday morning, Mayor Gergely Karácsony from Blaha Lujza Square, who is under renovation, appeared in the social media. In his video and accompanying post, he talked about workers throwing bottles on Wednesday, but there’s no evidence of that, all just trying to keep people from talking about the unbearable traffic jams or mindless bike lanes caused by the mayor. Christmas, of course, did not present any evidence of the incident, so it is safe to say that the mayor again did not tell the truth.

They thoroughly restored Christmas

In connection with the Christmas promotion, Zsolt Wintermantel, the representative of Fidesz in the capital, held the following position:

There have been a lot of comments for the title, now we show the best:

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The chaos in Blah is enormous

As previously reported, the renovation of Blaha Lujza Square is proceeding at a snail’s pace, while there is a cross-length plug. Throwing back the building materials, even on the sidewalk, the machines stand, the workmen and the shovel support. The mayor is not interested in all this, because he is campaigning: he is bound by his individual political ambitions.

With the start of school, it became even more impossible to get around the capital, it takes an hour to get through Blaha Lujza Square. Meanwhile, motorists at least have time to observe what’s going on here! “Ordas has a large dome, this space will never be made!” – one of them resigns.

“We love working here, close to the tobacco shop and the grocery store, it’s perfectly right for us,” one of the workers shrugs his question as to why the work is so rewarding.

Roadblocks and traffic jams are just the most spectacular of the problems

There is still an amazing amount of chaos in Budapest due to the reckless roadblocks and unused bike lanes of Christmas Eve. In the last year and a half, a number of unfounded transport development and renovation projects have been launched in Budapest, which have paralyzed car traffic and public transport. Despite the traffic jams in August and warnings from professional organizations, the mayor did not take substantive steps to eradicate the unbearable conditions, so it was predictable that the situation would worsen due to the start of school. While there was a huge chaos in the capital due to traffic jams on the morning of the school start, the mayor of Budapest was taken to work by a service car.

Christmas also caused total chaos in BlahPhoto: Attila Polyák – Origo

Overcrowding due to time-lapse renovations and the designation of bicycle lanes have been making life difficult for those going to work and those coming from the agglomeration for a long time, causing serious damage to transport companies and tourism, not least increasing emissions.

Did Christmass bankrupt Budapest?

The activities of the mayor are also well characterized by the way in which the public finance management practices of the Gyurcsány-Bajnai governments are carried forward by the capital. Christmas spends a significant amount of taxpayers ’money on the dozens of advisors he appoints, while constantly complaining that the capital’s money is running out.

BUDAPEST IN addition, many under construction would significantly more expensive, such as the Blaha Lujza renovation of the original price are now capable of a third to more than 1 billion Ft cost more, while LÁNCHÍD RECONSTRUCTION OF COST Tarlós era found compared to more than a fifth, 5 IT HAS INCREASED BY A BILLION HUF.

The people of Gyurcsány – behind the helpless Christmas – are stealing the capital.

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