Gerindra Politician Calls Azis Syamsuddin Just a Victim, Drags the Name of the Chairman of the KPK

Gerindra Party Politicians Arief Poyuono commented on the determination of the status of a suspect to the Deputy Chairman of the DPR RI Azis Syamsuddin by the KPK.

Arief said that the Golkar Party politician was just a victim of extortion in the Central Lampung Special Allocation Fund (DAK) bribery case.

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“Here if you look at the events Azis Syamsuddin This is a victim of extortion from KPK investigators who did not investigate the corruption case related to the alleged involvement of Azis Syamsusdin,” said Arief in a press release, Sunday (26/9).

He also asked the Chairman of the KPK Firli Bahuri not just set the Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia Azis Syamsuddin as a suspect.

Arief then challenged Firli to prove that Azis had given bribes to former KPK investigator AKP Stepanus Robin Pattuju.

He then gave an example of the KPK’s accusation that Rita with Azis’ role gave a bribe of Rp5.1 billion to Robin related to the arrangement for a review (PK) regarding the money laundering crime case (TPPU).

Arief also suspects that Azis and Rita are victims of fraud by KPK investigators.

Related to this, Arief also expressed a strong criticism of the performance of KPK investigators.

“This also shows that the system of recruitment, guidance and control from the KPK leadership to investigators is very bad, maybe there are many other types of Robin at the KPK,” he said.

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