German brewers destroyed millions of liters of drink due to coronavirus: Business: Economy:

German beer producers have complained about the need to destroy millions of liters of beer. About it it says in a statement by the Association of German Brewers (Deutscher Brauer-Bund, DBB).

Due to restrictions imposed amid the coronavirus pandemic, manufacturers were unable to sell perishable goods. In particular, they pointed out that the authorities had closed catering establishments, and “the end of the second lockdown, which has been in effect since the beginning of November 2020, is not expected.”

The damage to the companies in the industry amounted to millions of euros. At the same time, the country’s leadership deprived the brewing industry of support, since breweries are not considered gastronomic outlets and do not receive a sufficient amount of state aid.

“1,500 German breweries were left empty-handed. We are talking mainly about medium and handicraft enterprises that have survived world wars, economic and currency crises – and are now experiencing the end through no fault of their own, ”summed up in DBB.

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