German researchers are able to find a vaccine against the dangerous virus that causes cancer World Of Variety DW


Epstein Barr virusEBV – Epstein Barr Virus) It is a virus belonging to the herpes familyherpesOver 90% of the world's population has this virus without the appearance of a particular pathological symptom, which must be adapted to the human body, as the immune system keeps it dormant and inhibits its activity.

However, the virus can cause serious diseases such as glandular fever, lymphoma, Hodgkin's lymphoma or autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis. An effective vaccine has yet to be found, because it is difficult to understand the cause of the disease in this virus.

Researchers at the German Center for Cancer Research,DKFZ) A decisive step forward to find an effective vaccine against " EBV"The Heidelberg Cancer Research Center has successfully tested some of the experiments on mice to develop the vaccine, and the main problem so far is that the virus is going through two different stages of its life cycle.DKFZ) They focused on the two stages of life in their recent research and experiences.

In their new experiments, the researchers tested the antimicrobial particles on mice whose bone marrow had been replaced by human bone marrow and had an immune system very similar to the human immune system. According to this, the animals showed an immune response and protection against the virus " EBVResearchers must now develop the new models they have discovered so that they can also experiment with humans, which promises to lead to an effective drug against this dangerous virus and to cure the diseases it causes.

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