German weather service warns of strong thunderstorms on Friday


eHeavy rain and hail in Trier left behind full basements and storm damage in Trier. The city's fire brigade and all the city's volunteer fire departments deployed over 220 missions late Thursday night and at night, a spokesman said Friday. They were supported by the police, technical relief organization and municipal utilities. Trees were overturned, manhole covers raised and traffic lights turned off. Also parking garages ran accordingly full.

Drivers were asked to drive carefully. Humans were first detected, but not hurt. Deutsche Bahn reported train delays and effects on the main station in Trier. On several routes there were delays due to heavy rain.

The fire department in northwestern Lower Saxony moved because of the thunderstorms on Thursday evening to several missions. The Emsland and the county of Bentheim were the hardest hit. In the cities of Papenburg and Haren several streets were flooded due to heavy rain, a fire spokesman said on Friday morning. Basements ran full, streets had to be pumped out. In the small town Dersum near Papenburg a youth camp had to be evacuated, the youths were accommodated in a local shooting club.

“The fact that the roads overflowed yesterday is due to the fact that the dry ground can not absorb such water masses”, explained a meteorologist of the German Weather Service (DWD).

In Hessen it remains changeable

On Friday it will be particularly dangerous in the southwest: The German Weather Service (DWD) issued a warning of strong thunderstorms for the government districts of Stuttgart, Freiburg and Karlsruhe. The main danger in the morning consisted mainly of lightning, said a DWD meteorologist on Friday. Trees could be uprooted and roofs damaged.

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