Germans pay a lot for TV subscriptions

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Pro Sieben Sat 1 and RTL want to convince with their own video platforms “Joyn” and “TV Now”.

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Munich Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime drive sales in German pay-TV. The Association of Private Television Providers, Vaunet, expects that the pay-TV and streaming subscription business in Germany will grow to around four (2018: 3.5) billion euros this year. That would be twice as much as 2012, said Vaunet CEO Frank Giersberg on Thursday in Munich. Last year, sales grew by 14 percent.

“The growth story goes on.” Alone with on-demand videos (video-on-demand), which are sold by subscription, should be generated in 2019 for the first time a billion in sales: 1.1 (previous year: 0.9) billion euros estimated Association. By contrast, classic pay-TV offerings such as the Sky platform or “Magenta TV” from Telekom recently increased by only two to three percent, as Giersberg said.

For the current year, the association trusts them to a revenue increase to 2.4 (2018: 2.3) billion euros. A total of 108 pay-TV channels are available in Germany, most of them for documentaries and sports. 7.8 million people in Germany have subscribed to at least one of the platforms, 100,000 more than last year. At Sky alone, there are more than five million. The free-to-air private broadcasters RTL and Pro Seven Sat 1 Netflix and Co. try to slow down with their own video platforms.

“Joyn” by Pro Sieben Sat 1 has been playing against RTL's “TVNow” since June and also relies on content from the public broadcasters ARD and ZDF. RTL does not want to participate in the competition but on sight. “This is not a phase of consolidation,” said Jan Wachtel, director of digital media and content for the Bertelsmann subsidiary. “It will all take a little while,” said Nicole Agudo Berbel, who is responsible for digital offers at Pro Sieben Sat 1. “The market is in a state of optimism.”

More: ARD, ZDF and Deutschlandradio in 2018 have taken more than eight billion euros. The time-consuming new reporting reconciliation initially brought little.

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